Multi Lighting Modes Bicycle Light USB Charge Led Bike Light Flash Tail Rear Bicycle Lights for Mountains Bike Seatpost

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  • Description:

  • USB charging

    -IPX2 waterproof

    -Shell Material: Waterproof ABS

    -Charging time: about 2 hours

    -Working Time: 3-6 hours according to different using mode

    -Easy to install, suitable for many sizes of handlebars or seatpost

    -5 lighting modes style: Strong light, Weak Light, Flashing, warning lights, 100% lighting(as working video showing)

    -4   lighting modes style:   Strong light, Weak Light, Flashing, warning lights     (as working video showing  )


    How to use it?

    Open: click 1 time (0.5 second)

    Close: 5 lighting modes style need press 3 seconds. 4   lighting modes style just need press 1 second. 


    Mounting Placement: Seatpost


  • Power Supply: USB

  • Power supply: USB

  • Waterproof: IPX2 waterproof bicycle accessories

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